Considered the most desired place to live in Toronto, Yorkville emits luxury and elegance at every turn. Nestled along the Bloor/ Danforth subway line, this neighbourhood blends a fusion of modern sophistication and historic charm. Residing along the ‘Mink Mile’ is one of the top 10 internationally recognized shopping destinations and home to some of the most exclusive condominiums that are considered to be the most desired addresses in Toronto.


Yorkville was founded in 1830, and began as a residential village outside of York that focused on two main industries, the brick yards and brewing industry. This village offered Victorian style homes and quiet residential streets until the 1960’s, where Yorkville became known as Toronto’s bohemian culture centre. Labelled as the Canadian capital of the hippie movement, many notable artists and literary figures including Neil Young, Gordon Lightfoot and Margaret Atwood, grew from this neighbourhood.

Through the 1970’s and 1980’s Yorkville began a transition as higher- end shopping began to take residency, including Harry Rosen and Holt Renfrew. During this time, the area also began to support the growth in the condominium trend, having developed towers along Bay St. and Bloor St. This fad slowed in the early 90’s and began to revive at a surmountable rate later on in the decade with over 20 condominium buildings built and 6 more in the development stage, allowing a possible population increase of 10,000 people in the area.

Neighbourhood Highlights

The resulting boom created what is now seen as a vibrant commercial area that allows for luxurious and exclusive living for Toronto’s elite. Hosting both the Toronto International Film Festival, and the Sante International Wine Festival, the world’s film, music and fashion stars can be seen walking the streets of Yorkville. However, with over 20 art galleries and the official completion of the Bloor St. Project, the beauty of Yorkville continues with its cultural and environmental enhancements. As Canada’s most aspiring and privately funded streetscape project, the Bloor St Project encompasses parks and striking works of art, including a 650-tonne rock carved out of the Canadian Shield! The 20 Million Dollar Project does not go without admiration from locals and tourists alike as you maneuver through this neighbourhood.

The highly accredited Mount Sinai Hospital is easily accessible in Yorkville, as well as many educational institutions. Privately funded schools, alternative schools as well as universities have migrated to this area. Boutiques, coffee houses and luxury can be seen throughout the area as well as the acclaimed Royal Ontario Museum. With so many things to do and see in Yorkville, it has encompassed its’ name in Haute Couture, fine dining, culture and extravagance.