Regent Park


The community of Regent Park has had a very colourful history. Its’ creation was intended on becoming a transitional community by offering public housing to Torontonians during the 1940’s. It has seen many cultural shifts based on the immigration trends. It had been uniquely coined the slum district of Toronto up to the 1990’s. The 69 acre housing project rested in the centre of what was known as Cabbagetown.

Regent Park has offered a unique position as demand for residential availability continues to grow. Its proximity to the downtown core coupled with its architectural potential has initiated a plan for re-development of the community, beginning in 2005. This plan includes offering a mixed income community that will also incorporate areas surrounding the community to create fluidity between the surrounding communities. Thus began Canada’s first social re-engineering project. The projects goal was projected for a 15 year period and offered the investment of over $1 Billion dollars.

Neighbourhood Highlights

Upon completion, this uniquely transitioning community will offer several thousand new and various residences, including condominiums, walk-up apartments, townhomes and high rises. The new mixed income neighbourhood continues to offer high investment potential as the area continues to development into one of the City’s greatest achievements.

Updates to the surrounding amenities have been incorporated into this re-structuring to support the anticipated ideals and demands that the area will have as its shifts towards completion. The Regent Park Athletic Grounds will add significant desirability to the area. This includes a 6 acre park with a $6.2 million budget as well as a soccer field, cricket pitch, basketball court, a running track and an ice rink.

A luxury aquatic centre has been added to the community. With community feedback, the centre includes a lap pool, therapy pool, leisure pool, water slide and a tarzan rope. This public centre assists building the resources that appeals to the residences of the community. Architectural Design Challenges have taken place to offer an encompassing beauty to the community, and can be seen throughout the walkways and parks. It has also allowed for the cultural relevance of the community to be shown.

As the project continues to develop, appeal to individuals and families alike increases. Public resources focused on music and art, as well as sports and culture are offered to both children and youth. A variety of school choices are available within the community, as well as convenient access to the city’s Colleges and Universities.

This neighbourhood offers a pedestrian friendly commute to the City’s core. The proximity to the Don Valley Parkway allows for convenient access to the Greater Toronto Area. A variety of streetcars also allow for access throughout the community, offering additional ideals for those looking to become residents within the City.