Midtown Toronto

Midtown Toronto


Located just south of what is now the 401 highway (Highway of Heroes) and east of the Don Valley, this area was considered part of Old Toronto. Initially settled by Europeans and founded in the 1800’s, the village of Eglinton was a simple rural community resting just north of the busy town of York. This area thrived as part of one of Canada’s largest cattle raising communities. Unique to the streets of this area is Cowbell Lane, named after the area as the first to use cowbells on all of their livestock. By 1884, what is now midtown was connected to York through the use of horse drawn streetcars, allowing for development of residential housing. To match the increase in demand for housing, Bedford Park began its expansion after the historic Bedford Hotel was built in 1873. As York transitioned into the city of Toronto, the continual development of this urban centre expanded into this community.

Neighbourhood Highlights

At the heart of midtown resides the highlighted Yonge and Eglinton, also coined ‘young and eligible’, or Yonge and Eg. This is due to the population of single young professionals that are drawn to the area. Within this area offers many small local businesses, as well as head offices of some of the largest corporations including Canadian Tire and The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. Restaurants and local businesses can be found along Yonge and quaint areas such as Mount Pleasant and Avenue Rd.


With the high business and pedestrian traffic in the area, the demand for alternative commuting and commercial opportunities continues to develop. This has been supported by the city through the development of the Eglinton-Scarborough Cross Town Line, expected to be completed by 2020.

The diverse commercial area of Midtown is surrounded by booming high-rise condominiums as well as a unique blend of both historical and modern Victorian and Tudor homes. Families flock to the many residential bedroom neighbourhoods such as Forest Hill, Rosedale, Deer Park, Summerhill and Davisville. Within these neighbourhoods, are some of the most exclusive residences in Toronto. Many of these neighbourhoods are fairly wealthy, with approximately 1/3 of the regions residents earning double the income of the average Torontian.

urbantoronto-5019-15339Schools in Midtown are as diverse as those residing such as North Toronto Collegiate Institute, Northern Secondary, Forest Hill Collegiate Institute, several private schools, and the TCDSB. Luscious parks are scattered throughout Midtown, such as the Eglinton Park, Bedford Park and the Belt Line Railway. Off leash dog parks and trails support the avid outdoors person. This continually expanding community is suited for young driven professionals and families alike.