Liberty Village

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Liberty Village is located in one of Toronto’s oldest settlements, founded in 1783 by the British Empire. In the early 1800’s a railway was placed through the village, cutting any option of possible housing. It then became an epicentre of the manufacturing industry in Toronto. Manufacturers thrived during the Nineteenth and Twentieth century as the proximity of the railroad offered an abundance of labourers, and developed many supplies for both World Wars. As the manufacturing era declined, many companies’ ceased operations, having Liberty Village’s property values decrease and many building neglected. In 1999, the area began its redevelopment to its artistic prime today.

Neighbourhood Highlights

As one of Torontos’ newly redeveloped neighbourhoods, Liberty Village offers an abundance of retail shops, restaurants and condominiums. Located in Central Toronto, it is nestled between King West, Dufferin West, Gardiner Expressway and Strachan Avenue. As it continues to grow, Liberty Village offers many appeals for new residents to the area.

Claimed by some as a neighbourhood that one can “live, work and play,” Liberty Village offers the appeal of having all at your doorstep, while still maintaining its consideration as one of the more affordable neighbourhoods in Toronto to live in. Artists, Film makers, self-employed professionals and computer technicians, financial executives and lawyers alike reside within the neighbourhood. This blend of residences can be seen in the housing development, from traditional condominiums, to loft style and townhomes, suiting the needs of each individual.

One of the largest appeals of this neighbourhood is the convenience associated with it. With under a 15 minute commute to the City of Toronto’s core and its location to Lake Ontario, commuters continue to find Liberty Village very appealing. To continue with convenience, many grocery stores, gyms and dining offer extended hours and 24 hour operating times. Bike routes can be easily accessed throughout the community, as well as access to many shopping and dining centres.

To support the continual development of Liberty Village, the neighbourhood has put a series of programs and developments in place such as the Bike Here! Program and many environmentally conscious programs. These have brought forth many awards and acclaims to the area including: LVBIA achievement of silver for going green, smart commute awards, Design Edge Canada’s 2012 Regional Design Award, local film and business awards as well as many local companies awarded best work places in Canada.

Art and culture continue to be seen throughout the community and has now become confidently known for its studios, as well as technology firms located within the area. Educational institutions can be seen throughout the community, offering public schools, private schools as well as alternative schools, suiting all educational focuses. Many art education institutes, including Toronto Academy of Acting for Film and the ASHA School for Makeup Artistry also reside within this community.